Investor Relations

Universal Language Productions LLC Investor Relations (ULP IR)

ULP IR handles inquiries from investors and those interested in the financial stability of the company, subdivisions, & endeavors. ULP IR specializes in connecting companies and individuals with opportunities in the entertainment industry which integrate finance, communication, & marketing within privately controlled interests for strategic management of capital.

Invest In Film

Umbatay Films International consolidates investor interests in South Africa and worldwide. Umbatay Films International provides opportunities for investors to share in the successes of feature films.

During the development stage, prior to pre-production, the potential value of proposed films are determined. During this stage, investors are encouraged to consider the data and make their investments accordingly. Umbatay Films International's diverse production catalog make it easy for investors to diversify their film investment portfolios and minimize risk.

Invest In TV

With television series becoming increasingly popular among those who stream and "binge watch" entire series as if they were long movies, now is the time to capitalize on the trend. By investing in a growing market, establishing a series during the growth phase positions proposed series for heightened brand equity in the future.


Emerging series and existing series all are backed by a network which can produce results. By investing in TV with Universal Language Productions, the security of the investment is backed by the powerful and popular network, ULP TV.

Corporate Investors

Investors seeking investment opportunities in the privately controlled company, Universal Language Productions LLC are encouraged to create comprehensive proposals based on goal oriented objectives.

Inquiries in regards to acquisition in the asset class of private equity, consisting of equity securities and debt in the operating company, Universal Language Productions LLC are encouraged to present preliminary proposals before requesting a meeting.